3D Printing in Bangalore was not accessible for a long time. We at ABC Company, provide the best 3D printing services in Bangalore for the most affordable cost. There are certain things which made people choose us, over other 3D Printing. We are known for our speedy delivery and most cost-efficient for both plastic and metal 3D printing.

People are excited about 3D printing in bangalore, but still, very few people know what exactly it is. 3D printing as the name says you need to design something in 3D and print it out digitally using a printer. These Printers are not those paper printers you find in your office, but these are something you saw in frictional TV shows or Movies. Many people doubt if anything likes this exists; let them know Technology has advanced a lot.

The technology behind the 3D printer is quite simple, and their operations codes are open source even the types of equipment too.  Though its sound simple, it can handle all the complex CAD Designs and bring your designs to reality. The process is quite simple, upload your design, choose your material, customize your order details, pay the bill and get it right in your doorstep.

Manufacturing Process

Our Manufacturing process is quite simple and single click action. If it were traditional robotics technology, there would be various steps to do it and require the involvement of the operator. While 3D printer doesn’t need any intervention of the user, the process is automatic, and fabrication will start and finish itself.

In Traditional Manufacturing, there are various steps like cad design, steel cutting, preparation for welding, welding, drilling, sanding, coating and lots of other measures but we can skip all of them using a 3D printer.

Why 3D printing is cost effective for you?

If you prefer Traditional Industrial Manufacturing, labour cost, machine cost also machine operations cost all will be included in the billing. ¬†The primary value is for electricity, and we all know how much it costs for power as well as Maintenance. Still, if you are referring 3D Printing, these won’t add up in your bill, as all its need is a pc which consumes power as much as any laptop and 3D printer.

Best if you are looking to build a prototype?

If you are looking to build a prototype of your new design for presentation, then you should opt for 3D printing over traditional manufacturing. With 3D printing, it will save money from the designer’s pocket, and it will also let you do necessary last-minute modifications. Sometimes it is painstaking when you order a prototype, and it comes with mistakes. Regular manufacturing will cost, if you make such mistakes but not with 3D printing as it doesn’t require any human intervention also if it happens, it is bearable.

How to place an order?

We take orders online and deliver them to your home. Just upload the design, select material, quantity, add your address, complete payment and we will send dispatch it to your home.